Nobufusa Baba
Nobufusa Baba


Sengoku rance







Nobufusa Baba 1st appeared in Sengoku Rance.


Sengoku RanceEdit

Nobufusa's name is Shouen Baba. He is one of the vassals of the Takeda house.

Samurai WarriorsEdit

Nobufusa appeares alongside Shingen Takeda in almost every battle in all games.

Charecter InformationEdit

Vioce ActorsEdit

  • Munehiro Tokida - Samurai Warriors (Japanese)
  • Masaya Takatsuka - Samurai Warriors 2 (Japanese)


Samurai WarriorsEdit

  • "I will take care of the Oda for you!"


Baba Nobuharu (馬場信春?, 1514/15 - 1575), also known as Baba Nobufusa (馬場信房?), was a samurai of Japan's Sengoku period and one of Takeda Shingen's so-called "Twenty-Four Generals"; they were his most trusted commanders. Baba fought at the battles of Mikatagahara and Nagashino, where he led the vanguard of Takeda Katsuyori's right-wing.

When Takeda Shingen took Fukashi castle (now Matsumoto Castle) in 1550, he entrusted it to Baba. At Mikatagahara in 1573, he led the vanguard in chasing Tokugawa Ieyasu's army back to their Hamamatsu fortress; upon seeing the gates open and braziers lit, Baba mistakenly suspected a trap, and did not press the fleeing army further. It was at Nagashino that Baba was killed, three years later, as two samurai attacked him simultaneously with their spears, taking off his head.

The Koyo Gunkan states that Shingen often consulted Nobuharu on important matters. Prior to Nagashino, Nobuharu was reputed to have fought in 21 battles without receiving a single wound.

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