Ukyo Tachibana
Ukyo Tachibana


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Ukyo Tachibana 1st appeared in Samurai Showdown.


Samurai ShowdownEdit

Ukyo is an expert iaijutsu swordsman with a body stricken with tuberculosis. Despite having several women chasing for his affections, he treasures only his lone confidante, Kei Odagiri. He avoids enveloping further feelings for her (due to his limited lifespan and her noble status) but continues to fight for her as a show of love for her. In Samurai Shodown, he hears news that the ultimate flower resides in Makai and decides to present it to Kei in gratitude. He continues to fight for Kei throughout the series until she marries another man.

Beginning in Samurai Shodown 64-2, Ukyo moves on to another woman named Saki who also suffers from the same disease. In his ending, he finds a cure for both of their illnesses but chooses to give it to Saki rather than take it for himself. He dies shortly after.

Like Genjuro, his death is believed to be retconned in the newer sequel. In this game, he hears that Kei's husband had taken part of an off-the-record inspection of an American ship. However, the shogunate lost contact with the party, causing Kei to become very worried. Since he knew of the mysterious foreign ship, Ukyo decided to ensure Kei's husband safety and alleviate her stress. In his ending, he succeeds in his goals. After seeing Kei's thankful smile, Ukyo leaves and laments the longevity of his life.

Charecter InformationEdit

Vioce ActorsEdit

  • Kazuki Ishii - Samurai Shodown VI
  • Sho Hayami - Samurai Shodown Dengeki drama CD series

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